Compass Capital Realty is a property management company built with a simple purpose in mind. Whether you’re an owner of an existing property, an investor or a tenant, we strive to offer comprehensive services that are second to none in our industry.

We are a single, turnkey source for all the property management needs of our investors and owners. In all activities, we follow our moral Compass thus building trust and fostering the type of intimate, long-lasting relationship that will strive for.

The same is true for our tenants. We aim to do whatever it takes to make your life as easy and smooth as we can. Whether it’s the ability to create a lightning-fast maintenance request or the many different methods we use to streamline rent payments, we will always work hard simplify the process in any way we can.

Jourdan Despot

Jourdan Despot

Manager of Compass Capital Realty

“At Compass Capital Realty, we will deliver exceptional service and efficient operations to solve all of your property management and real estate needs. We look forward to getting to know you and working to make you more successful”